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What makes LeadsBeacon Mobile Wallet so special

  • icon Multi Location Geo Fencing
    LeadsBeacon Geo-Fencing will trigger alerts direct to your customers, even if they are at a competitor's location.
  • icon Smart Beacons
    Our LeadsBeacons will send customized in store, location based notifications to anyone who has your store's Passbook or Pass Wallet Pass on their mobile device
  • icon Passbook and Pass Wallet
    Our LeadsBeacon system utilizes Apple Wallet and Android Pass Wallet to keep you connected with your customers anytime, anywhere.
  • icon Smart Analytics
    Smart Anayltics takes advantage of proximity to nearby locations and objects, recognizing their type, ownership, approximate location, temperature and motion.
  • icon Customized Landing Pages
    Our customized landing pages house all offers you wish to project to local shoppers and buyers, along with various options to redeem them. Also loaded with Mobile SEO tags!
  • icon Automated CRM Integration
    Any and all offers accepted by your shoppers are instantly pushed to your existing CRM to further quantify your ROI Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Built 100% around your businesses infrastructure.
  • icon Loyalty and Retention
    Provide customers with VIP treatment through personalized content, time-saving features, superior customer-service and valuable offers.
  • icon Integrated Shopping Experience
    Easily display your ordering, shopping and social pages so customers can transact business with you right from their phone.
  • icon Targeted Coupons and Offers
    Offer coupons and exclusive content to your best customers. Give customers another reason to visit again.
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